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I have been doing wet-plate collodion for about 4months now, and I really love working with this process. I feel at home, and I love the results I get with it.

I'm sure I will continue working with collodion for quite a long time, it's the first process I have really just fallen in love with. I have mostly photographed on aluminium, aka. tintypes, because in my opinions thats where I get the best reulsts, maybe because its easier ? I dont know, but I have been trying to get better reulsts on glass lately, working hard on that, and have lately been getting OK so called ambrotypes. It looks like a negative when hold up to te light, but becomes a positive if you put something black behind the glass, like black felt, or if you blacken the back of the glass with liquid asphalt.

One of the reason why I would like to get better results on glass is so I can start making glass-negatives, that opens up a completly new world in regards of possibillities. I can contact-print it with all alternative processes, like van dyke brown, cyanotype, salt printing, platinium/palladium, carbon printing and even standard silver-gelatin papers. Of course I will also be able to put the glass-negatives in my enlarger, Omega D2 and enlarge it like normal film-negatives. As you can see, I have a lot of work infront of me. I just need to find what I like to work with, and try and improve my capabilities with one or two of the processes, and not try and do everything, that rarely works out OK.

As I wrote in the earlier post, I wanted to find a Universal Iris, and I have also gotten my hand on not one, but two. One large, it holds lenses upto about 120mm in diameter, and another that goes upto about 90mm. The last one I got as a freebie with a camera I bought, 8x10 Burke&James "field" camera. I'm restoring that one at the moment. I have also bought two new lenses lately, one 16 inch Darlot petzval, about f4.5. And the other is a pretty rare one, Portrait Unar, 18inch f4,5, its a so called soft-focus lens, unfortunately its was just a bit to large for my largest Unviersal iris, so I have to find another way to mount it.


Not much really. I have recently started acquiring the equipment needed for Wet Plate Collodion work. Wet Plate is something I started looking at back in early 2011, but have just recently got the confidence to take a serious look at it. Some of the chemicals have proven to be very difficult to aquire in Norway, but one way or another I will do it ! Other than that I love using my 8x10 Century Studio Master, it's a big beast of a camera ! My Kodak Portrat 305mm have proved to be a very nice lens for 8x10. Other than that I have also started looking for an Universal Iris for the camera so I it will be easier to mount the lenses I dont have a flange for. Ex. the Wollensak Velostigmat 12" and a unbranded petzval 14".